Midwest Century's boutique-level staging and welcoming shopping experience entices our customers to shop! It's in the little details like the smell of freash baked cookies and price-gun stickers that result in the highest market value return on your estate. Oh, and world class photography and marketing doesn't hurt either!

Before The Sale

Don't Throw Anything Away! Old soaps and half-used household cleaners? They'll sell. Before doing anything, don't do anything. Before estate sale personnel can get to work you'll just need to move or quarantine off everything you want to keep!

The Consultation. We schedule a time to personally meet with you. There's no obligations as we just wish to guide, educate, and assess your needs, as well as your estate. We'll also let you know how we feel where valuables would best perform—whether that be just hosting your own garage sale, putting together auction lots, consigning to platforms, submitting to galleries, or just a good old fashioned estate sale—your consultation is still free. We want to be as easy to work with and transparent as possible. If you like you can preview our basic contract ahead of time at this link: /blogs/contract/estate-sale-contract .

The Setup

  • Organizing and cataloguing.  Our first step is to get some good shots of everything that'll need more intensive appraising while we start to catalog and move things around a bit. You'll receive an itemized list of everything sold.
  • Research and Pricing.  From entire art galleries to boxes of miscellaneous toys, every single item will have its current market value assessed. While our own appraisal skills are up to snuff, our collaborative relationships help us assess the value of extra unique pieces.
  • Creating the boutique. No matter the space or how much stuff you have, we find a way to turn it into an exciting and aesthetic shopping experience. Carpet savers. An illuminated display case for your jewelry. Hired security. Blocked off areas. Signage. Soft music. Super friendly and personable service. Fresh baked cookies.
  • Advertising. This is where we shine. Our owner has done e-commerce, SEO, and marketing for many small businesses and some large corporations. From getting a regional feature on estatesales.net to facebook ads to essentially turning most of your nicer valuables into ads on their own, we think we have a big leg up on getting a good turn out. Advertising takes a little time to really work its magic, so this is why we highly suggest giving us a month or more to really get the most out of your sale. 

                                                We like including little video snippets of your final setup in our ads

The Sale & After

Sale Days! Your sale is hosted on a weekend of either Friday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday from 10-4pm. Once it's over we'll assess what to do with anything left over, give you a stash of personal items we've put aside, and then let you see if there's anything else you want to keep.

Donations, Consignment, and Clean Out. We'll get your home fully emptied out and move-in ready, drop things off at donations for you, and possibly consign a few particular good valuables that didn't sell if you're interested.

Payout. You get paid!

Book a Free Consultation
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